For many years we have know about drugs that come from natural sources, for example willow bark was used by the ancient Greeks to help cure fevers and pains. Later on in time people discovered that the active ingredients was salicylic acid. This was later modified into aspirin which is less irritating to the stomach than […]

Stem cells research is when people in labs fertilise an egg and take some of the first few cells that are created. Those cells are general cells which can turn into a specialised cell like skin or muscle cells. This is controversial as the embryo that the cells are taken from can be a viable […]

Microscopes are useful when you are studying cells as you can see them as if they were visible size and you can see their features and discover what you and every living thing is made of. It also allows you to see what diseases are in the cells such as cancer and can learn what they look like […]

James packed his jeep with supplies for his journey through the Brazilian part of the Amazon Rainforest.  The journey was going to take him 5 hours, however he know he had to endure it, if he was going to see the waterfall he came all the way from England to see. The journey was rough […]

During my conversation in real life and over text messages the language I use differs a lot. The language that I use is dependent on who I am with and where I am. some people strongly believe that the use of text messages affect the way use speak out loud and some believe that is has no […]

I was on a hike through the country side. I was having a lovely time taking in the sights of rural England. I was with two of my friends, John and Lucy. They were going across fields so they can get to their destination. One of the crossing had an electrical fence. John and Lucy […]

Roy was having a normal Wednesday. He went on the tube to Blackfriars station from South Kensington. He then went to his office block and started working away on his computer. It was at 12:26 when his phone rang. It was his dad calling about his mum. His mum has fallen ill and doctors don’t know […]

In this scene Brutus and Cassius are having an argument. They are giving insults to each other. Brutus says that Cassius took a bribe and would rather be a dog Than to be a Roman who took bribes. We then find out why Brutus is in a bad mood and is tacking it out on […]

In this play there are words that originate from Old French . They only seem to appear when Brutus is speacking to I himself during a soliloquy. By using these types of word I think it shows he is a of a high status . When his servant Lucius comes into the room he dulls […]

This scene is just after the scene where Anthony changes the thoughts of the Roman public that Caesar was killed unlawfully. The Roman pubic a furious with the conspirators. They find some one in the street and ask him questions and the answers he gives them leads him to be killed. He is Cinna the […]